WordPress Hosting.
Except Way Better.

Meet WooP – Your friendly WordPress robot.  WooP takes care of all the pesky WordPress technical stuff so you don’t have to. WooP makes WordPress faster, smarter, more secure and even easier than it already is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WooP is a friendly WordPress robot that hosts and manages your WordPress websites for you. WooP handles all the boring technical WordPress tasks, so you don’t have to.

  • WooP will install WordPress for you. Twice.  A live install and a development install for you to experiment with when you need to.

  • WooP can move your site from your old hosting provider.

  • WooP will back up your site every day, automatically!  He’ll keep 14 days worth of backups for you, just in case.

  • WooP will automatically do WordPress core, plug-in and theme updates for you so you never have to worry about that.

  • WooP adds a dedicated caching layer in front of your site to keep it REALLY fast without the need for any plug-ins.

  • WooP adds extra security to your site to keep bad guys from doing bad things (like defacing your site or adding malware or spam links).

  • WooP will watch your your site 24 hours a day to ensure it’s always reachable.

All you have to do is design a beautiful site and manage your content.  WooP will take care of almost everything else for you!

WooP will host and manage your WordPress site for only $59.95 per month.  That includes EVERYTHING you run a fast, secure and reliable WordPress site.  There’s no long-term contact and no hidden extras or fees.

We only accept new customers by invitation because we’re not a giant impersonal hosting company and never will be.  When you join our mailing list you’re automatically in line to get a WooP invitation.  We’ll let you know when WooP is ready to start working for you (there’s no obligation to become a customer) and we’ll share helpful and informative WordPress and hosting related tips and information from time to time.  We’ll even run fun promotions from time to time that can get you cool free WooP swag! We promise to NEVER sell your name to anyone else and you can unsubscribe from our list any time.